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Amelia Percival

1st time passer
Congratulations “Amelia”, passed this morning at Poole DTC, very well done. Delighted for you, enjoy the freedom & stay safe! 👏 🎉 🥳Passed Wednesday 15th February 2023.
During my time with “Shaun” he was very patient with everything that I was being taught and understood that it may of taken a few lessons for me to understand it.

He was also able to give me lots of tips on how to do manoeuvres and basic driving skills which was very helpful.

As my test was approaching he was able to make me feel comfortable and less nervous about the test coming up which really help. Due to this I was able to pass my driving test first time with only 3 minors! 👏 🎉 🥳

Passed Wednesday 15th February 2023.

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