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Want to Become a Driving Instructor - StreetDrive (SoM) Can Train You !!

Becoming a Driving Instructor is a fantastic career move. With approximately 1 million new learner drivers each year there has never been a better time to join the industry. You could be the one to teach some of them! To be a Driving Instructor you will need a range of interpersonal skills & patience, confidence, great communication, an ability to adapt to individual needs and learning styles, planning and occasionally nerves of steel!

Whatever your background, if you enjoy meeting new people and making a difference then this could be the career you have been looking for. Everyone remembers a favourite teacher from school, the first person they kissed and usually their Driving Instructor, why? Because these are all pivotal moments on life`s journey. Teaching people to drive means helping people towards a greater independence. Being able to drive for most people means the freedom to enjoy their social life and the ability to travel in order to obtain a job and you are the person to help them on their way to achieving this. It`s a great sense of job satisfaction each and every time one of your pupils passes their Driving Test.

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Basic Requirements for all Driving Instructors

All Driving Instructors are registered and regulated by The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) which is the United Kingdom Governments body responsible for:

1. Setting standards for drivers, riders and trainers

2. education and the provision of learning resources

3. Registering and supervising quality assured instructors

4. Modern, effective and efficient assessments conducted as computer based and practical tests.

First you need to make sure that you fit the basic criteria set down by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

1. You need to have a full UK or European Union/European Economic Area unrestricted car driving licence

2. After qualifying, you must have held your licence for at least four of the six years prior to entering the Register

3. You must not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the four years prior to entering the Register

4. You need to be a ´fit and proper´ person, in the opinion of the DSA

If you have any motoring or non-motoring convictions, these will be taken into account when you´re assessed for inclusion on the Register. You´ll also need to have an enhanced level Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check. If you´re not sure whether a conviction you have may affect your eligibility to become a driving instructor, you should contact the DSA for advice.


The ADI qualifying examinations are in three parts:

Part 1 Theory - consists of a multiple choice section and a video based hazard perception section

Part 2 Driving technique - consists of an eyesight test followed by a practical test of driving technique

Part 3 Instructional ability - consists of a practical test of the ability to instruct

You must pass all three parts of the examination in this order and must complete the whole examination within two years of passing the Theory Test

Further information on the qualifying process is available on the Driving Standards Agency website.

Our StreetDrive (SoM) - All Inclusive Package

Part 1: THEORY

ADI starter pack and official text books recommended by the DSA:

1. DSA Theory Test Question Bank / Hazard Perception DVD

2. The Official DSA Guide to Driving "The Essential Skills"

3. The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive

4. The Official Highway Code

5. Know Your Traffic Signs Official Edition

6. Unlimited telephone and email support and mentoring from your dedicated instructor


1. 12 hours one-to-one in-car practical sessions with your dedicated instructor covering all elements of the Driving Technique syllabus.

2. Unlimited telephone and email support and mentoring from your dedicated instructor.


1. 40 hours one-to-one in-car practical sessions with your dedicated instructor, covering all elements of the Instructional Ability syllabus.

2. Additional training hours "one-to-one" in-car practical sessions are available when you take out a trainee licence (PDI) with StreetDrive (SoM).

3. Comprehensive and detailed visual Lesson Plans to guide you through every lesson for your test.

4. Unlimited telephone and email support and mentoring from your dedicated instructor.

OUR TOTAL PACKAGE INCLUDES:- All books, ALL Training Aids, One-to-One Training Sessions and Ongoing Telephone and Email Support.

For an Informal Chat or if you would simply like to find out more call us on 0789 408 2821 , or email is at pass@streetdrive.co.uk

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Based on figures from 2016. DVSA National average 47%

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